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Replace Your Worn 2 X 36 Scotch Brite Red Belt

People switch to power sanding from hand sanding for a lot of reasons. Primarily, they make the change because power sanders allow them to get more done in less time. In fact, if you purchase one of our finishing tools, you’ll only ever have to stop for one reason: to replace the 2 X 36 Scotch Brite red belt or surface conditioning belt when it wears down.

Fortunately, Multitool USA can supply you with replacement belts. Plus, our belts are compact and easy to store. Buy one for now or purchase a year’s supply; it is totally up to you.

Our Belts Are Quick and Easy to Replace

Replacing a 2 X 36 Scotch Brite red belt or surface conditioning belt with Multitool USA is quick and hassle-free. In fact, most people can get the old belt off and the new one on in under five minutes. If your current belt gives out mid-project, you won’t have to put the entire job on pause. Simply grab your replacement belt, make the switch, and get back to sanding.

You can trust Multitool USA when we tell you that our belts are high-quality. Our business was founded over 30 years ago and is run today by a team of woodworking enthusiasts. We know that a reliable sander can make or break a project, and we only supply our clients with the market’s best materials.

Multitool USA Will Answer Your Questions

If you would like to learn more about our 2 X 36 Scotch Brite red belt or surface conditioning belt, do not hesitate to call. We can tell you about the product, discuss your storage options, and teach you how to properly replace a worn belt. Our team is helpful and happy to answer your questions.

Find the information you are looking for by giving us a call. Although our support team is located in La Mirada, CA, we take calls from all over the United States. Reach us at 800-660-0880 or by visiting our contact page to submit your request online.