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Hi Greg the tool arrived here today that was fast! I was pleasantly surprised as the unit was all installed and ready to go. Also the shipping box was very well designed and the tool was in perfect order. If this is the way you send these units out I think you should have pictures of it in the box. No special tools required and no assembly required just plug and play. I think these facts would be another selling point. I didn't know that's how it would show up. I was surprised. The packing and the assembly shows how professional your company is and how good the tool is.
Thanks for your help and stay well.

BlacksmithCreation LLC

Thanks for the call. The grinder showed up a day early and has been is use ever since. Your staff did an excellent  job packing the items. I will recommend  your product to others.  Thanks again, Lance Jensen. 

A great buying experience. They are very knowable and helpful. Ask all the right questions to make sure I got what I needed. They are my go to for fabrication needs. Thanks.
 Dennis B, Georgia 

The ability to select from the best of our industry. Saves time and improves productivity. Totally awesome!   Jamie M

The Multitool is a great tool. Much cheaper than the next alternative tool. Excellent quality, relatively easy assembly considering the multitudes of bench grinders it must be compatible with. One of the best additions to my shop.

Craig, Texas